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  • ECG, HEART RATE MONITORING, BLOOD PRESSURE: 24/7 health assistant on you wrist
  • LONG BATTERY LIFE: Up to 5 days on a single charge
  • ACCURATE FITNESS TRACKING: Record your workouts and keep record of your fitness progress
  • STEP AND CALORIE COUNTER: Set goals and achieve them. Helps you improve your eating habits.
  • SEDENTARY WARNING: Warns you when you stay still for multiple hours and promotes an active lifestyle
  • GREAT DESIGN: Finally, a real man’s smartwatch, with strong, classic male style.
  • TAKE CALLS AND NOTIFICATIONS: Keep your phone safe in your pocket while you see all the notifications on your smartwatch.
  • MULTILANGUAGE APP: More than 20 languages preinstalled. E20 APP available in android and iOS
  • CONTROL YOUR MUSIC: The easiest way to change track and to adjust the volume without having to use your smartphone
  • ANTI-LOST FEATURE: Trigger your phones alarm from E20 to locate it fast when you cannot find it
  • TAKE PHOTOS OR VIDEOS: Use your E20 watch to take photos and videos on your smartphone.
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What is it?

Have you been looking for the perfect watch that not only enhances your complete look but also serves many functions? Everyone wants a smartwatch these days. But most of the features of the next generation smartwatches are pretty pointless. They really aren’t worth their ridiculous price. But now, a new innovative model is selling like crazy worldwide while being the most affordable smartwatch of the new era. Its called the E20 SmartWatch.
The build quality is superb and everything looks luxurious. It really feels like the premium smartwatches from the big tech companies and it even has more features. It is tough too, made with gorilla glass coating and it is waterproof and scratch proof. The specially hardened aluminum shell mean life’s bangs and bumps won’t break it. E20 SmartWatch is designed for men. This watch comes in various styles like casual, sporty, formal, etc. E20 Smartwatch keeps track of your health 24/7, handle your mobile through it, it checks your sleep pattern, and a lot more.

What Makes E20 SmartWatch So Special?

Nowadays almost everyone wears a wristwatch. Not only to carry a fashionable accessory around with them, but also to be able to read their health data at the same time. However, a health tracker does not always look good. E20 SmartWatch is made for people of all ages to keep track of their daily routine, sleep quality and a lot more. It is packed with various cutting edge technology sensors that record your vital signs in real time and sync all data with the multi-language APP (available in more than 30 languages) for android and iOS. It is very famous among seniors to keep track of their blood and oxygen pressure and it can even take a ECG cardiogram in less than a minute. Among the younger generation, many fitness enthusiasts will be happy to own this watch. The precise calorie counter and the heart tracker will make them push themselves to achieve their goals. Working professionals who do not have a lot of time to exercise can now do so with this smartwatch. It helps in making them come off their sedentary lifestyle and focus more on exercise and fitness.
E20 Smartwatch is not just an accurate step counter and heart rate monitoring device. The watch helps you take calls without using the phone and receive all notifications from your phone to your E20. Another plus for seniors is that you can set reminders to take medication and it has a SOS function in case of emergency. You can connect it to your wifi and enjoy services like GPS tracking and much more. The E20 APP is very easy to use by anyone. Furthermore, the built-in rechargable battery is one of the best available on the market. Not only it takes 40 minutes to fully charge but also under heavy usage with the 24/7 monitoring turned on it can last up to 5 days. 
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Conclusion: Should I Get E20 SmartWatch?

The Verdict is: YES! You must accept the fact that in a fast-living world, you want everything to be done instantly. Sometimes, you do not even have time to check your phone. And in such times what you neglect the most is your health. E20 SmartWatch is the first affordable smartwatch that will help you keep track of your health along with serving multiple other functions that you can only find, on premium models that cost 5 times more.

These Customers Love E20 SmartWatch, and You Will Too!

“I Recommend E20 to Anyone Looking at Venturing Into the Smartwatch World…”

“Great alternative to higher end smart watches when on a budget. Has most of the features and capabilities like sports timer, alarm clock, heart rate, calories, sleeping patterns, phone alerts etc. Set up is super easy and instruction guide makes it clear what to do (be sure to connect it to the charger before attempting this as this boots the devices on). Connected to my phone with no trouble.”

“A Quality Well Made Easy to Use Great Value Fitness Watch…”

“I have brought a few of these because as a family we are currently on a fitness regime and in competition with each other. There are so many to choose from it’s difficult to know where to start. We are really impressed with the amount of data these handy gadgets collect during a 24 hour cycle. Originally, we wanted the step counter and calorie burner info but this also shows sleeping information along with heart rate and even ECG! I recommend it to anyone who is looking for a smart watch that has pretty much everything.”

“Stylish Watch and Value for Money…”

“This is a fantastic watch for the price. It’s sleek and stylish (I’ve had lots of compliments from people who don’t realise it’s a smart watch). Super easy to setup and the features are great. I love the fact it has ECG as I was concerned about my heart health after an incident last year. It has great sleep tracking and the app is very intuitive. Don’t hesitate to buy one.

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